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Thursday, September 29, 2011

What are Text Ads and how do I make one?

Text Ads are simple one line advertisements that you can use at Text Ad Exchanges or other advertising sites that allow you to post them. They can be written in just plain text or in HTML.

Text ads are easy-peasy.

"Check out - click here now!"

That's a simple text ad. Just a few simple "grab their attention" type words with no specific detail. When entering a text ad into a traffic site such as a Text Ad Exchange (Text Ad Cafe for example) your ad like the one above goes in one box and your referral link goes in the other.

Click the submit button and your done.

This is the same ad in HTML:

<a href="your affiliate link at">check out - click here now!</a>

So the formula is:

<a href="(affiliate link)">(text)</a>

As I said - easy-peasy. Just keep them brief, to the point, and as eye catching as possible (without being silly, deceptive or offensive). Make them want to click!