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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Introduction To Blogging

Blogging and Social Networking are very closely linked in the sense that both contain certain features and properties of each other. Both are aimed at creating a wide movement as far as multimedia interaction is concerned. Though it is true that blogs can be individually controlled and kept very private, the main purpose of them, for most people, is to reach out to a number of people and to have a medium to voice your opinion.

Another similarity is that both of these concepts have existed on the Internet for pretty much a decade now, but in the initial stages both were rather exclusive of one another. Only in recent times have their use become merged, and their similarity in uses truly recognised. Blogging is essentially done to channel your thoughts out on to an online journal that others can see. Generally speaking, the more viewers the better.

It is a way that you can come into contact with people from all over the world who you would not have otherwise known. Similar is the function of social networking, acting as a centre for interaction where the chance of attracting an audience is fairly high for anyone.

Blogs were originally called Weblogs which meant a log, diary or journal that allows you to record your thoughts on a daily basis. In that sense it was in it's primitive stages and was not immediately recognised for the giant it has become today. As with most terms in our language, Weblog was soon shortened to blog, and it wasn't long before free blogging services such as Blogger became extremely popular.

Blogging today is not restricted to only maintaining a personal journal. It has truly become a platform where people from all walks of life and purpose can have their say. People interact by commenting on the blog posts presented by the blog owner. Blogs have become important tools for marketers advertising their products online. It is the soap box of today.

Luckily for most of us, creating and maintaining a blog does not require a fortune. Everybody can now have a personal blog and it can all be free of cost. You don't need to be a computer engineer, graphic or web designer in order to personalise and pimp your blog.

Unlike websites which operate on different domains, and for which every single template and tab needs to be designed and created from scratch, blog sites do not need such knowledge and abilities. The blogging service providers have their own inbuilt templates and fonts which can be chosen from the supplied menus as per the users likes and preferences.

Just as you do not need to be a web designer to create your own blog, you also do not need to be a professional writer or photographer to publish content to your blog. Neither do you need to be a full-on professional Internet marketer to start having a "go".

Look on blogging as the golden opportunity to start a new career in your spare time. Most of the so-called "gurus" of Internet marketing have a blog and indeed started out with one for the very reason of low cost and simplicity.

They are an excellent marketing tool.

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